Since time immemorial, women and jewellery have shared a special bond, with ladies around the world often adorning themselves with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bedecked with myriad valuable metallic elements and intricately cut stones. There are tales galore about the ancient kingdoms in India, China, Egypt, who were admired for their great collection of lavishly decorated ornaments, embellished crowns and royal insignia. But one truly astonishing detail is that the materials sourced to carve out numerous elegant accessories were also used extensively by the ruling queens to enhance their complexion and flaunt beautiful looks. Yes indeed, even Queen Cleopatra, celebrated globally for her stunning features, utilised lotions and powders comprising extracts of gold, pearl and diamond, to attain a gorgeous appearance.

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It comes as no surprise then that, today, raw components mined from depths of the earth, oceans, riverbeds, such as silver, diamond, pearl, platinum, gold, are widely incorporated into skincare products and popular bridal facial regimens in beauty parlours. These elements, which occur as heavy metals and hard rocks, are filtered to get rid of impurities, processed into fine powders, minuscule nanoparticles, liquid gels, then infused into cleansers, toners, facial oils, creams, emulsions, plumping serums and nurturing moisturisers.

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These crude deposits, although quite rigid, are very pliable upon excavation and isolation, besides being extremely stable, non-cytotoxic, easily permeating and inert i.e. non-reactive, hence making them safe for applying directly on human skin tissues, sans itching and irritation. Instilled with skin-fortifying constituents like trace minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, antimicrobials, brightening, anti-inflammatory and cleansing agents, these precious metal residues confer anti-ageing benefits, treat a host of conditions like acne, eczema, vanquish spots, scars and supply crystal clear skin. Browse through this infographic, to discover the spectacular beauty incentives of pearl, silver, gold, diamond, platinum, then go ahead and add some nourishing products imbued with these glittering gems to your skincare routine.
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