Mother Nature has bestowed upon us with many benefits for our healthy and happy living. And our ancient medicine Ayurveda has derived several healing techniques out of these bountiful sources and provided us with unparalleled health benefits.

Medicinal plants

Ayurveda and other ancient forms of medicine have made us realize the value of medicinal plants that can be easily grown in our homes.

We bring you top 5 must-have medicinal plants in each household to beat several infections, allergies and ailments like common cold, cough etc.

Place them in a corner of your balcony in earthen pots or in grow bags to enjoy a little bit of greenery and lots of health. 

Tulsi: Tulsi or holy basil is that quintessential plant in almost all Indian households. Tulsi is worshipped for religious reasons and is equally revered by ayurvedic specialists. Tulsi leaves play a major role in alleviating respiratory issues like cold, cough, aids in digestion. Patients suffering from kidney stones are often advised to eat tulsi leaves mixed with honey to expel the stones.

Studies reveal that chewing on few tulsi leaves on empty stomach significantly reduces stress levels. Soak tulsi root powder overnight in water and consume early in the morning to maintain insulin levels naturally.

Pudina: Pudina or mint, the highly aromatic herb is extensively used in cooking, toothpastes, breath fresheners, candies, teas etc. Pudina comes with great relaxant properties and is strongly recommended for the patients suffering from asthma. It prevents inflammation in the stomach, cleanses the palates and promotes digestion. Chew raw mint leaves or brew them into your tea for clearing congestion in lungs, nose and throat.

Ajwain or Carom Plant: Ajwain, also known as Omum or Karpuravalli in Tamil, Vaamu in Telugu is extensively used in treating stomach disorders. Drinking Ajwain seeds water facilitates the release of gastric juices and improves digestion. Chewing ajwain seeds on empty stomach cures cold and cough.

Heat few ajwain leaves on a tawa, extract juice after leaves completely wither. Take a teaspoon on empty stomach in the morning for an instant relief from cold.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a popular medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years for both beauty and health. The gel can be extracted just by plucking the thick, short stems and is widely recommended in treating sores, burns and sunburns.

Apply aloe vera gel generally on the face for instant moisturization and glow. Pure aloe vera juice serves as the best medicine in preventing plaque build up.

Methi: Methi also known as Fenugreek is a staple ingredient in Indian kitchens. Throw some crushed fenugreek seeds in pots and watch them sprout into tiny plants within a week. Fenugreek leaves can be cooked into a dal, added to buttermilk or into paratha dough. Consuming fenugreek on regular basis lowers blood sugar levels, improves lactation in new mothers and boosts the levels of testosterone.