The season of common cold and flu has already begun, thanks to monsoons and it’s time to get rid of sinusitis and chest congestion. While there are several over the counter medications available to ease the breathing, considering essential oils as a part of home remedies works wonders.

Essential Oils for Monsoons

Be it eucalyptus, oregano, tea tree, lavender and many more invest in these tiny bottles of aroma filled, fragrant essential oils for their rejuvenating and healing properties.

Essential oils are a wonderful discovery by the mankind and they can be used in several ways for an instant relief from blocked nostrils, chest congestion and sinusitis. However, those suffering from asthma should exercise caution while using these oils.

There are several methods on how essential oils can be incorporated in treating chest and sinus congestions. One can choose aroma therapy, massages, add it to the diffusers, hot and cold compresses or just simple steam inhalation.

Here are the best five essential oils:

Eucalyptus oil: The eucalyptus oil contains around 72% of eucalyptol making it the first choice to get rid of congestion. It immediately relieves cough and eases breathing. Eucalyptus oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties and many medical practitioners suggest it before prescribing antibiotics.

Add 4 to 5 drops of eucalyptus oil to hot boiling water and steam inhale for 10 minutes for instant relief.  

Rub some eucalyptus oil on the pillow, place a bowl of hot water with few drops of oil in the bedroom before sleeping.

Oregano Oil: If you thought oregano is meant for making for pizza tastier think again. The Oregano oil is a great expectorant and an anti-oxidant. It not only clears your lungs of the thick mucus but also soothes the membranes. If you suspect an allergy could have triggered sinusitis, choose Oregano oil as it is a strong anti-allergen and provides immediate relief. 

Inhalation of hot steam with Oregano oil is strongly recommended for allergy triggered cold and sinusitis.

Tea Tree oil: Tea Tree Oil is perhaps the most sought after essential oil in treating the toughest of the sinusitis. Several research papers and studies across the world vouch by its anti-microbial properties. It helps in treating coughs, bronchial congestion and sore throat.

Besides steam inhalation, one can add it to the diffusers as it is also a disinfectant and known for killing the germs in air.

Massage it into the feet for a good sound sleep sans sinus.

Peppermint oil: We are aware that peppermint oil is extensively used in toothpastes, mouthwash and chewing gums but it is also a great expectorant. The active ingredient menthol plays a major role in clearing clogged chest and sinus. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and has great resistance towards stubborn bacteria like Salmonella and E.coli.

Add few drops to your steam inhalation, works as a hot and cold compress, add it to diffusers.

Lavender Oil: The lavender oil is known for its beautiful fragrance and is strongly recommended for relaxation. It is extensively used in treating respiratory issues like influenza, cold, sinus congestion.

It works wonders in releasing the phlegm that is clogging lungs and sinuses.

Can be used as a massage oil when blended with other essential oils, add it to the diffuser. Massage few drops of oil on chest, sinus, neck and back for an instant relief.