Protein is an important component of our daily diet. It aids in growth and development, serves as a building block for cells, repairs cell structure, regulates innumerable body functions and a great source of energy.

However, it is widely believed that vegetarians fail to get enough protein. It is true that protein is mainly available in animal sources, but you can find it in plant-based foods too!

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In fact, a good amount of protein is present in every edible plant source you can imagine.

Plan your diet comprising colourful vegetables, hearty grains, appetizing legumes and nuts which would help you to meet your daily dose of protein. Also Read: Protein-Rich Foods That Help Build Muscle Mass

The Facts About Vegetarian Sources of Protein

The protein goal is met 100% on a well-planned vegetarian diet.

It is quite easy to meet protein requirements from a spectrum of plant food sources and most of them are a complete source of protein which contains all the nine essential amino acids.

A plant-based diet increases the life expectancy and improve the quality of life.

Evidence revealed that eating more of a plant-based diet lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes and aids to lose weight.

A plant-based diet offers ample amounts of vital nutrients including magnesium, potassium, iron, folate, and fibre which helps to lower inflammation and oxidative stress.

In fact, this diet works for vegans too. A vegan diet stimulates sharper mind and boosts memory.

Foray through this infographic that portraits 5 splendid sources of plant proteins that are loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins.

plant-based protein sources