Saffron is an exotic and a powerful spice derived from the flower of crocus sativus and is widely used as one of the colouring agents in various cuisines.

Saffron For Beautiful Skin

Known as Kesar in Hindi, Kumkuma Poo in Telugu and Tamil, saffron has always been that magic ingredient to improve skin complexion. Though not backed by science, in many parts of India pregnant women are encouraged to drink milk laced with the strands of saffron for a fair complexioned baby. 

Saffron is also a very expensive spice but it has not deterred people from using it in various beauty products. Abundant in potassium, saffron helps in cell repair and regeneration and is also anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. Applying saffron strands along with mix soothes skin and treats acne breakout.

The goodness of saffron is used in a wide range of beauty products and creams and the following are the reasons why you should be using saffron based cosmetics and creams.

Treats Skin Pigmentation

Saffron works as an amazing anti-solar agent and shields the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and protects the skin. Regular use fades away the dark spots, blemishes and brightens the skin tone by enhancing the complexion.

Fights Acne

The strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of saffron combat acne breakouts. The healing properties of saffron aid in removing dead cells and in clearing the scars.

Glowing Skin:

Saffron has the ability to stimulate blood circulation and allow the skin to breathe. Using saffron based face packs regularly provide a glowing complexion.

Heals Wounds:

Certain Ayurvedic creams and lotions rich in saffron help in clearing wounds, especially those caused by burns. The traditional medicine endorses saffron in clearing sunburns, suntan as it is known for re-epithelialization of the wound.

Promotes Hair Growth:

Rich in antioxidants saffron prevents hair loss. It is known for repairing hair follicles and promoting hair growth. Use saffron and milk-based conditioners for silky hair.