If you are anxious, disturbed, stressed the most common advice you would hear is take a deep breath, and it works every time.5 Incredible Ways Deep Breathing Helps

It is that magic technique which can relax every muscle in the body, release happy hormones, ease stress and can make you feel focused at the task. Medically known as diaphragmatic breathing, it is done by contracting diaphragm, a muscle located horizontally between thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity.

In this technique, the belly rises as the air enters into the lungs, but the chest remains at the same level.  Scientists refer to this technique as eupnea, a natural and relaxed form of breathing that occurs in mammals when they are in a state of relaxation.

Deep breathing is easy, can be done at any place, anytime. Do make it a habit to take few deep breaths at regular intervals to beat stress and live healthy.

Read on to know more how deep breathing contributes for good health.

Better Nutrition:

Deep breathing supplies more oxygen to all body parts, including the digestive system. This in turn improves intestinal strength, aids in overall digestion, helping body to absorb all nutrients. It also provides enhanced levels of energy to all body cells.

Relaxes Body And Mind:

Anxiety, tension, mental disturbances tighten muscles making breath shallow and this prevents the body from getting enough oxygen. Taking a deep breath immediately calms down the mind, relaxes muscles, helps in focusing on tasks at hand.

Natural Detoxification:

Deep breathing stimulates the lymphatic system and allows the breath to flow properly. Toxic build up makes body weak and leads to several illnesses. Deep breathing expels carbon dioxide and other toxic wastes on a regular basis aiding the vital organs to work efficiently.

Posture Correction:

It may sound surprising, but deep breathing automatically corrects bad posture. As you take a deep breath, your body straightens up. Even as you fill the lungs with air, it makes your spine erect. If you are suffering from bad back ache, practice deep breathing for instant relief.

Shrinks Swelling:

Doctors believe that chronic ailments tend to grow in the body that are acidic in nature. Deep breathing is an amazing way to reduce acidity in your body making it alkaline. It also reduces high levels of stress, restricts amounts of cortisol- the stress hormone which is responsible for the inflammation of several muscles.