Calcium is the chemical component which is vital for normal bodily functions and health. It is one of the most abundant minerals found in the human body. About 90% of calcium is present in our bones and teeth, whereas nerve cells, body tissues, blood and other body fluids also contain calcium.

Calcium plays an imperative role in the development of stronger bones, promotes muscle contraction, the normal beating of the heart, blood coagulation and a cofactor for many enzymes process. The body loses calcium through your skin, nails, hair, sweat and excretions. The body does not make its own calcium, so it is important to add calcium-rich foods like milk in the regular regimen, to ensure that you meet your calcium needs. When the body does not get enough calcium from the food sources, calcium is depleted from bones which in the long run can make your bone fragile and brittle leading to osteoporosis.

Calcium is naturally available in many food sources and also available in the form of supplements. The recommended daily allowance of calcium for men and women is 600 mg per day.

Check the infographic for more details.

calcium rich foods - infographic