Iron is an indispensable vital mineral for the normal functioning of the body. Haemoglobin the protein- bound iron in the red blood cells carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Adequate iron in the diet promotes cognitive development in children, supports healing of the wound, promotes appetite, provides energy, boosts immunity and enhances skin and hair health.

Deficiency of iron results in a condition known as anemia which is associated with fatigue, poor memory, pale skin and various other health issues. So, it is vital to up your iron levels by including a spectrum of iron-rich foods in your regimen. Iron is available in two forms - heme iron and non-heme iron. All animal sources (meat and fish) are high in heme iron and iron from plant sources are non -heme iron.

To improve the absorption of non-heme iron it is best to combine iron-rich foods with vitamin C (orange, amla, cabbage, bell pepper etc.,).

Iron is one of the essential minerals that you must get from the diet. The recommended daily intake of iron for men is 17mg /day and women is 21mg/day.

Iron-rich foods