As we observe the World Hearing Day on March 3, let us know about the warning signs of hearing loss and raise awareness to promote better hearing care.

World Hearing Day March 3, 2019

Hearing loss is mostly referred as an invisible health condition, where early signs often go unnoticed. It is distinct from other medical problems, as you can’t see any physical signs or symptoms of a hearing loss.

The symptoms vary depending upon the severity or degree of hearing loss which ranges from hard to understand a word to incapability to communicate with peers and social loneliness.

Hearing loss can affect the quality of life, health, personal relationship and career. Being aware of the symptoms of hearing loss will help you to seek immediate medical attention as changes occur gradually.

Warning Signs Of Hearing Loss

Difficulty following discussion.

Request other person to come back again.

Find fault with people that they speak very fast.

Ringing in ears.

Have a favourite ear.

Find it hard to hear over the telephone.

You turn up the volume of the television too loud.

Stay away from noisy places.

Feel humiliated when you misinterpret conversations what other say.

Worried to face a challenging situation.

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