1. World Haemophilia Day: Why does this disorder occur?

    World Haemophilia Day: Why does this disorder occur?

    April 17 is World Haemophilia Day, and is considered a landmark effort is raising awareness about haemophilia. Started in 1989 by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) in honour of WFH founder Frank Schnabel’s birthday, the occasion gets global support. Read more about Haemophilia and why it occurs in people.Haemophilia is a blood related disease where a person losses the capability of blood clotting and experiences abnormal bleeding. This type of bleeding disorder is inherited or in simpler terms, is transferred from one family generation to another. Hemophilia, are distinguished into two forms; type A and type B. A rare kind of hemophilia is...
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  2. Top 7 foods to purify your blood

    Top 7 foods to purify your blood

    Cleansing your blood is a good way to naturally clear out toxins from the body and maintain optimum health. Blood carries oxygen and nutrition to your body’s cell and removes waste and other pollutants. Purifying your blood is crucial to keep your body work properly and keep diseases at bay. Natural blood purifiers such as lemon, beets, cruciferous vegetables, turmeric, garlic can perfectly do this for you.Why is it important to have clean blood?  Blood is responsible for transporting elements to the cells to perform these vital functions: ü  Respiratory: Carries oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide through lungs ü  Immune: Defense the body with white blood cells and antibodies in plasma. ü  Excretory: Removes waste and residue ü ...
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  3. Bring home Roselle leaves for its amazing health benefits

    Bring home Roselle leaves for its amazing health benefits

    Roselle/Ambadi/Gongura/Pitwa - call it by any name, it is that humble green leafy vegetable easily available across the globe and a wonder food for those suffering from iron deficiency, low hemoglobin levels.   A powerhouse of vitamins – Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (thiamin), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B9 (folic acid) and Vitamin C, the leaves, stem, flowers of Roselle plant are also rich in essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. High in dietary fiber, this green leafy vegetable with red stems belonging to the family of hibiscus is acidic in nature undoubtedly tops the list of extraordinary plants. It is extensively recommended in Ayurveda for...
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  4. India’s elderly population is growing, are we prepared to meet their needs?

    India’s elderly population is growing, are we prepared to meet their needs?

    The growth rate of India’s senior citizens has been pegged three times higher than that of the country’s overall population due to decrease in fertility rates, delayed marriages, and declining infant mortality. Advances in medical science, public health and nutrition have also contributed to their longevity, but is the country prepared to take care of its elderly?India stands on the second number across the world in terms of population, with 1.3 billion people inhabiting the country. It comprises 17% of the world’s total population. According to the United Nations Population Division, India’s population can surpass China’s by 2028. With the population expansion, the growth in strata of older population in both absolute and relative terms is remarkable. In 2011, India’s elderly population stood at 10 crores, predicted to reach...
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  5. The many health benefits of coconut water

    The many health benefits of coconut water

    Coconut water is a refreshing, wholesome drink packed with several vital nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for a range of summer diseases. Read on to learn more about why coconut water is invaluable to us for the summer.Coconut water is the liquid (juicy content) found inside the hard seed or endosperm of young and tender coconut. Coconut waters/liquids are clear and sweet. They comprise of beneficial elements such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other plant based hormones, enzymes, and amino acids. Coconut water tastes best when green and unripe, usually found and sold by street vendors. With respect to nutritional value, it comprises of contains 95% water and minimal fat. 240 grams of coconut water comprises of 9g carbohydrates, 3g fiber, 2g protein, Vitamin C (10-12%), Sodium (10-12%) and Calcium (6-8%). Coconut...
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  6. The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

    The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

    Did you know a hearty smile can be contagious? Not only can it boost your self-esteem but also improve your overall health. Evidence proves that poor oral habits directly or indirectly contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy complications.The Importance of Oral HygieneRecent studies suggest that several diseases and deficiencies are accompanied by oral symptoms. Routine dental visits not only help maintain overall health but can help your...
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  7. 8 simple tips to ace your health goals

    8 simple tips to ace your health goals

    Three months into the year and most of us struggle to maintain the health goals we had set for ourselves at the start of 2018. Try these simple lifestyle modifications and you will get right back on track. Remember, the choices you make each day will influence your health in the long run.1.Kick Your Bad HabitsWhen people talk about bad habits, first things that come to mind are smoking, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. There’s no doubt that these habits are unhealthy, but there are a few other practices that seem innocuous, but will become a problem if not nipped in the bud.  These include consumption of processed foods, sugar, caffeine and junk food. When taken in moderation, they’re okay, but make a change by reducing the number of cups of coffee ,cut down on a spoonful of sugar at a...
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  8. Red Meat and Processed Meat, Ups your Liver Disorders

    Red Meat and Processed Meat, Ups your Liver Disorders

    All you meat lovers out there, a new study could make you a little sad: Eating an excess amount of processed and red meat increases your chances of a serious liver condition and insulin resistance, a precursor of type 2 diabetes.Shira Zelber-Sagi(Clinical dietitian at Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel) the lead author of the study revealed that people who ate the maximum amount of red and processed meats had almost a 50% increased risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease(NAFLD), and a higher risk of progressing insulin resistance. The non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition that leads to fat deposit in the liver. As per the U.S National...
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  9. Do you really know what Anorexia is?

    Do you really know what Anorexia is?

    What is Anorexia Nervosa? Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by weight loss and trouble in maintaining the right weight for the body height, age and build. Generally, people with anorexia show abnormality of limiting their calorie intake and being picky-choosy with the kind of food they eat. Some of them exercise impulsively, purge via vomiting, laxatives and end up binge eating.Anorexia can affect people of all ages, gender, races and ethnicities. The disorder is more evident in people during their adolescent stage and also seen in many children and older adults too. Types of Anorexia Nervosa There are two common types of anorexia: Binge and Purge Type –In this type, the person will often...
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  10. World Sleep Day: 32% Indians can't sleep because of technology, says survey

    World Sleep Day: 32% Indians can't sleep because of technology, says survey

    Have you been procrastinating and not working on your dream project? Partying all night with friends and family? There’s one important aspect of life that gets disturbed by these activities, and that's sleep.More than 60% of Indians feel exercise is the prime factor affecting health and well-being more than sleep, reveals a survey that stressed the need for good sleep for better health. The study, led by Philips India, found that 19% of Indian adults account overlying work hours with normal sleep time (shift work sleep disorder) as a key hurdle to sleep. Evidence also shows that 32% feel that technology is a major sleep distractor. About 45% adults have tried meditation to set off and keep up good sleep, while 24% stated having tried specialized bedding. Harish R, Head (Sleep and Respirator Care) at Philips, claimed that sleep...
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