1. Eat Cruciferous Vegetables for a Healthy Heart

    Eat Cruciferous Vegetables for a Healthy Heart

    We all know that eating vegetables has amazing health benefits. While each and every vegetable has its own nutritional content, few veggies play a remarkable role in ensuring vibrant health. One such group of vegetables belonging to the cruciferous family are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, radish, rutabaga and turnip.What makes this group of veggies so special?Cruciferous vegetables are rich sources of fibre, vitamins C, E, and K, several carotenoids, folate, and minerals. They also contain sulfur compounds such as sulforaphane and...
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  2. Top 7 foods to purify your blood

    Top 7 foods to purify your blood

    Cleansing your blood is a good way to naturally clear out toxins from the body and maintain optimum health. Blood carries oxygen and nutrition to your body’s cell and removes waste and other pollutants. Purifying your blood is crucial to keep your body work properly and keep diseases at bay. Natural blood purifiers such as lemon, beets, cruciferous vegetables, turmeric, garlic can perfectly do this for you.Why is it important to have clean blood?  Blood is responsible for transporting elements to the cells to perform these vital functions: ü  Respiratory: Carries oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide through lungs ü  Immune: Defense the body with white blood cells and antibodies in plasma. ü  Excretory: Removes waste and residue ü ...
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  3. Bring home Roselle leaves for its amazing health benefits

    Bring home Roselle leaves for its amazing health benefits

    Roselle/Ambadi/Gongura/Pitwa - call it by any name, it is that humble green leafy vegetable easily available across the globe and a wonder food for those suffering from iron deficiency, low hemoglobin levels.   A powerhouse of vitamins – Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (thiamin), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B9 (folic acid) and Vitamin C, the leaves, stem, flowers of Roselle plant are also rich in essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. High in dietary fiber, this green leafy vegetable with red stems belonging to the family of hibiscus is acidic in nature undoubtedly tops the list of extraordinary plants. It is extensively recommended in Ayurveda for...
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  4. Soak and sprout Buckwheat for optimum health benefits

    Soak and sprout Buckwheat for optimum health benefits

    A wholesome gluten-free seed packed high in both protein and fiber, buckwheat is the latest addition to the list of ingredients becoming increasingly popular among nutritional food lovers across the globe. Try soaking and sprouting buckwheat to get the most nutrition out of this power-packed seed.Popularly referred to as a pseudo cereal, these triangular shaped seeds are related to Sorrel, Rhubarb and fall into the category of Amaranth, Quinoa. Buckwheat seeds also referred as ‘groats’ have antioxidants like rutin, tannins, catechin in abundance and if you swear by gluten-free eating, this is a...
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  5. 6 ways cucumber can keep you cool this summer

    6 ways cucumber can keep you cool this summer

    The sizzling summer has set in we are all experiencing exhaustion as a result of the hot weather. A major factor that helps you to stay cool during summer is your diet, and when it comes a good mix of health and hydration, look no further than the humble cucumber to detoxify and rehydrate your body. Cucumbers are one of the healthiest vegetables that purifies the body both inside and out. Every cool bite of this refreshing and nutritionally dense vegetable is filled with nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Riboflavin, B-6, Folate, Pantothenic...
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  6. Butter coffee: Actress Tamannaah sets a new health trend

    Butter coffee: Actress Tamannaah sets a new health trend

    It was Baahubali actress Tamaannah who was one of the first Indian celebs to talk about butter coffee on an  Instagram post. If you thought butter; loaded with saturated fats was of no help in burning calories, this new brew is gaining ground worldwide with fitness enthusiasts guzzling it down as it helps in curbing the appetite to improving mental focus, achieving smooth skin tone to ultimately losing those extra kilos.Invented by Silicon Valley based investor Dave Asprey, butter coffee is usually made with grass-fed butter (butter made from organic milk), along with...
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  7. 5 must-have components for a well-balanced diet

    5 must-have components for a well-balanced diet

    Healthy eating is not about depriving oneself, starving to become unrealistically thin or denying ourselves of foods we love. The right way is to achieve a balanced diet which contains carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals in the right proportions.What is a balanced diet?A balanced diet comprises foods from all the major food groups in the right proportions to provide the body with ideal nutrition. Every individual is different and the right diet for good health may vary from person to person. However, by adhering to a diet that is holistic which covers all the food groups and is low in undesirable nutrients such as sodium, saturated fats, and sugar, you will be on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Importance of...
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  8. 7 Amazing Benefits of Sugarcane Juice-A Sweet Deal to Good Health

    7 Amazing Benefits of Sugarcane Juice-A Sweet Deal to Good Health

    In this scorching summer, it would be great to indulge in a glass of sugarcane juice, not only will it cool you down remarkably but will also benefit your body in many ways. The naturally green coloured cane juice is not just sweet and relishing, but also extremely nourishing and considered healthy according to traditional Indian medicine. India is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane,after Brazil and is easily available all throughout the country at a very low price. It is served as a cooling drink with ice, flavoured with a dash of lemon or sizzled with mint, ginger and salt. Drinking a glass of sugarcane juice has amazing health benefits and is packed with vital nutrients that our...
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  9. Common risk factors for food allergies

    Common risk factors for food allergies

    Food allergies involve an abnormal response of body's immune system to specific foods. One needs to note that food allergies differ from food intolerance. Food intolerance occurs only in the digestive system when the body does not break down food properly. It does not involve the immune system. The food allergies on another hand could be life-threatening and are associated with numerous risk factors.Correspondingly these risk factors involve genetic disposition and environmental factors. Genetic disposition puts the individual at greatest risk of developing food allergies. The studies suggest that allergy risk in...
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  10. Tuberculosis and Nutrition

    Tuberculosis and Nutrition

    Tuberculosis is an airborne infectious disease that affects the lungs. A healthy diet that boosts the immune system helps to prevent TB, as malnutrition increased susceptibility to the disease. Nutrition is the major contributor towards recovery and management of tuberculosis. A balanced diet rich in nutrient-dense foods that are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals helps in the speedy recovery of tuberculosis.Important nutrients need to be part of a tuberculosis diet. High calorie foods The ideal choice of foods for TB patients should be rich in nutrients and high in calories to meet the rising metabolic demands and to avert further weight...
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