Mebeverine 135 mg

Morease SR Capsule 10'S
Muscle Spasm Rx required
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Morease 135mg Tablet 10'S
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Colospa 135mg Tablet 15'S
Muscle Cramps/Spasticity Rx required
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MYCOLON Tablet 10's
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MEBASTOM 135 Tablet 10's
Muscle Spasm Rx required
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Uses of Mebeverine

Mebeverine is used in adults for the symptomatic treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Therapeutic Category

Mebeverine: Antispasmodics.

How Mebeverine works

Mebeverine is an antispasmodic medication. It relaxes the smooth muscles of the stomach and the intestines which therefore relieves painful muscle cramps caused due to irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach conditions. 

Common side effects of Mebeverine

  • skin rash, redness or itching

When to consult your doctor

Consult your doctor:

  • in case of accidental overdosage
  • if you experience signs of an allergic reaction (such as skin rash, itching, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat which causes difficulty in breathing or swallowing)

Health Tips for Mebeverine

  • Maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to support the management of irritable bowel syndrome. Avoid trigger foods that may exacerbate your symptoms and consider stress reduction techniques
  • A high fiber diet may help, but ask your pharmacist for more information. You may find it helpful to set aside a few moments each day to relax and gently unwind