Favipiravir 400 mg

Please note, before you can choose the low cost generic option, please ask your doctor to add the generic drug to your prescription.

Uses of Favipiravir

Favipiravir is used to treat patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 disease.

Therapeutic Category

Favipiravir: Antiviral agents

How Favipiravir works

Favipiravir works by blocking the SARS-CoV-2 virus from multiplying which results in decreased viral load in the body thereby restricting the spread of infection and enhancing the recovery process from short-term, mild upper respiratory infections. 

Common side effects of Favipiravir

  • Diarrhoea

When to consult your doctor

  • In case of accidental overdosage

Health Tips for Favipiravir

  • Eating a nutritious and balanced diet can support your immune system and overall health during the course of treatment
  • If you are taking favipiravir for a contagious viral infection like COVID-19, it's important to follow proper infection control measures to prevent spreading the virus to others. This includes wearing masks, practicing hand hygiene, and maintaining social distancing
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day unless otherwise advised by your doctor. Staying hydrated is important for your body's overall functioning and can help with the elimination of waste products
  • If you are a smoker, consider quitting or reducing smoking during your treatment, as smoking can impair lung function and slow down the healing process
  • Depending on your medical condition, your doctor may recommend light to moderate exercise. Regular physical activity can help improve your immune system and overall well-being